Monday, June 17, 2019

Board Agenda 6-18-19

Mission Statement
To create a positive learning environment that promotes high achievement, responsible citizenship, and success for all.

North Butler Regular Board Meeting
Tuesday June 18, 2019, 6:00 PM
North Butler Elem Media Center, Allison

1.     Call to Order
2.     Review/Approve Agenda
3.     Review and Approve Minutes from May, 2019
4.     Review and Approve Financial report
5.     Public Items of Discussion
6.     Board Items of Discussion
a.     PE Electronics presentation
7.     Approve PE electronics purchase
8.     Approve Offer on land at south end of Allison FB Field
9.     Approve 2019-20 Technology purchases
10.  Authorize payment of year end bills
11.  Discuss Return to Learn/return to play-policy discussion
12.  Activity Fund Transfers
13.  Emergency Operations Plan approval
14.  July Bd Mtg date
15.  Closed session-21.5.i. To evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose appointment, hiring, performance, or discharge is being considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation and that individual requests a closed session.
16.  Personnel
17.  Adjournment
18.  Exempt Session

Next Meeting July ??? 2019, 6:00 PM NB JH/HS Media Center, Greene.

It’s Great to Be A Bearcat

Friday, May 10, 2019

Board Meeting 5-13-19

Mission Statement
To create a positive learning environment that promotes high achievement, responsible citizenship, and success for all.

North Butler Regular Board Meeting
Monday May13, 2019, 6:00 PM
North Butler JH/SH Media Center, Greene

1.     Call to Order
2.     Review/Approve Agenda
3.     Public hearing to amend 2018-19 budget
4.     Review and Approve Minutes from April 8, 2019
5.     Review and Approve Financial report
6.     Public Items of Discussion
7.     Board Items of Discussion
8.     Amend 2018-2019 Budget
9.     Personnel
10.  Adjournment
11.  Exempt Session

Next Meeting Tuesday June 18 2019, 6:00 PM NB Elem Media Center, Allison.

It’s Great to Be A Bearcat

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Public Concerns

Public Concerns
The North Butler Board of Education would like to remind our community members that we have a policy and procedure in place for our patrons to voice their concerns and to address issues that may arise. These procedures and the chain of contact are in place to ensure that our students, patrons, and staff are all able to have their issues addressed in a professional manner. This helps to ensure issues are resolved quickly, but also allows for you to have an additional path of recourse if you do not feel that your concern was addressed properly.

If a student, parent or patron has an issue with a staff member/teacher, the initial discussion should begin with that staff member. If you then do not feel that your concern was addressed adequately or you do not feel comfortable, you move up the chain of contact to their supervisor, and follow the process, through the building principals and classified supervisors, then to the superintendent, and as a last resort to the entire board.

Please know that board members are willing to sit in meetings with you and the school employee, as are the administrators if you are not comfortable having the meeting by yourself. It is imperative, however, that we follow the chain of command to ensure that everything is handled properly.

When we deal with issues as a school, many things are done in a confidential manner. Employee issues and student issues are required to be handled in confidence. For example, if we have an incident that only involves one student. We communicate with the student and parent involved parent.

Finding a solution requires knowledge of the problem. Please report using the appropriate chain of contact.

Thank you for your Understanding!

North Butler Board of Education 

Code No. 213.1R1


The board recognizes that concerns regarding the operation of the school district will arise.  The board further believes that constructive criticism can assist in improving the quality of the education program and in meeting individual student needs more effectively.  The board also places trust in its employees and desires to support their actions in a manner which frees them from unnecessary or unwarranted criticism and complaints.

Procedures for dealing with complaints concerning programs or practices should be governed by the following principles:

        where action/investigation is desired by the complainant, or where it seems appropriate, the matter should be handled as near the source as possible;

        complaints should both be investigated and, if possible, resolved expeditiously;

        complaints should be dealt with courteously and in a constructive manner; and,

        individuals directly affected by the complaint should have an opportunity to respond.

Specific procedures for handling complaints may be established in policies.  The board, consistent with its board policy-making role, will deal with complaints concerning specific schools, programs or procedures only after the usual channels have been exhausted.  Complaints regarding employees or complaints by students will follow the more specific policies on those issues.

When a complaint requiring attention is received by the board or a board member it will be referred to the superintendent.  After all of the channels have been exhausted, the complainant may appeal to the board by requesting a place on the board agenda or during the public audience portion of the board meeting.  If the complainant appeals to the board, the appeal shall be in writing, signed and explain the process followed by the complainant prior to the appeal to the board.

Code No. 213.1R2


Personnel Grievances
Employees who are members of a duly elected bargaining unit, will be subject to the grievance procedure contained in the current master contract between the bargaining unit and the Board of Directors.

Communications, grievances, and complaints from other personnel shall first be brought to the attention of the Superintendent of Schools before being brought before the Board of Directors.  An employee or group of employees may at any time appeal a decision of the Superintendent to the Board.

Personnel desiring to address the Board on any matter shall direct their communications to the Superintendent of Schools and not to the individual members of the Board, except that copies of any communication to the Superintendent be sent to all members. 

Complaints against any employee which arise from within the membership of the Board or which come to the attention of the Board, except through the Superintendent, shall be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for decision.  In case either the employee or the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the Superintendent, appeal may be taken to the Board.  No complaint shall be considered by the Board in any other manner.

Citizen Grievances
Whenever a citizen is aggrieved at the action of any employee such citizen may give information to the employee's immediate supervisor.  In the event that the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, the appeal process will follow this order:

            1.         Other supervisory or administrative personnel in the line of responsibility
            2.         The Superintendent of Schools
            3.         The Board of Directors

No appeal will be heard by the Board of Directors and no charges against the employees will be investigated or acted upon by the Board unless reduced to writing, signed by the party bringing the same, and presented to the Board through the Superintendent of Schools.