Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Ag Plot Information

During the Monday December 10 Board meeting the North Butler Board of Education will have some discussion on expanding an Ag Plot for our Vocational Agriculture and FFA programs.

Prior to the November meeting, I was approached by the FFA President and Vice-president asking if they could come to the board, which they did and made a very good, very reasonable presentation. As many of you may already know, this presentation included using more of the old football field in Allison for the Ag Plot. Following the presentation the board had some discussion and asked the boys to come back and present again in December, at which time we could have a public forum to discuss this issue.

The reality is that we currently do not have a good solution to the issue of needing a larger plot for our program. An ideal situation would put a 5-10 acre plot much closer to the HS in Greene and near or on Hwy 14 so that there would be visibility for our program, and also so that our students do not have to miss class time due to travel in order to use the ag plot as a learning tool. As this is not currently available to us, the students have brought forth the current plan that has been shared of using the old football area in Allison.

After some discussion with Mr. Kisley and several board members, we would be more than open to any options that could be brought to us, and Mr. Kisley and I would be more than happy to listen to any proposals prior to the board meeting on the 10th. The board would also be more than happy to entertain ideas at the meeting on the 10th. We are open to any possibilities, especially if they were to make it easier for our program to maximize learning time and educational possibilities.

Please do not be afraid to contact me at or Mr. Kisley at with any ideas or suggestions that may be helpful as we would gladly take suggestions on this.