Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Board notes 9-10-18

Last evening the North Butler board of education took the following actions:
1.     Listened to a proposal from Tim Schrage in regards to street extension/land acquisition in Allison.
2.     Examined FY 18 Financials
3.     Elected Liz Schroeder as president
4.     Elected Bobbi Spainhower VP
5.     Appointed Shellee Barlett as Board Secretary/Treasurer
6.     Appointed committees, Attorney, Depository, and official publication
7.     Approved OE application
8.     Approved board policy 502.10 (school permits) and waived second reading
9.     Approved Modified Allowable Growth application for Special Ed deficit
10. Approved SIAC recommendations
11. Approved TAG plan
12. Approved contract with Pathways
13. Approved changes to an individual students program
14. Approved personnel recommendations