Thursday, September 21, 2017

Board Notes 9-20-17

Last evening the North Butler Community Schools Board of Education took the following actions:
1.     Approved transfer of the Greene Elementary building to the City of Greene.
2.     Accepted results of the board election.
3.     Elected Liz Schroeder as board president.
4.     Elected Bobbi Spainhower as vice president.
5.     Appointed Greene Recorder and Butler Co Tribune Journal as official publications
6.     Appointed Brian Gruhn and Ahlers & Cooney as school attorneys
7.     Appointed LSB as official depository
8.     Approved modified allowable growth for special education deficit
9.     Approved purchase of tools for Snap On and NC3 Partnership in vocational programs.
10. Approved water heater purchase
11. Approved concurrent enrollment programs with NIACC
12. Approved installation of new fire panel at NB Elementary from Midwest Alarm
13. Approved sharing wrestling with Clarksville
14. Approved SIAC recommendations
15. Approved contract with Modern Design for design of shop expansion for vocational programs
16. Approved reaching out to Clarksville to share Superintendent position
17. Approved VB trip to ISU
18. Approved speaker Trevor Ragan from TQ funds for August 2018

19. Approved all personnel recommendations