Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Board Notes 7-11-16

Last evening the North Butler Board of Education took the following actions;

1. Heard concerns from a community member.
2. Tabled the 14-15 Audit until August.
3. Approved Property insurance renewal.
4. Declined to enroll in Iowa School Finance Information Services.
5. Declined to act on open enrollment application.
6. Approved Fees for 16-17 school year.
7. Approved Lunch Prices for 16-17.
8. Approved tilt skillet purchase for HS kitchen.
9. Approved vent hood purchase for HS kitchen.
10. Approved contract with Cardno ATC for further testing at former elementary site in Greene.
11. Approved Classified salary schedule with some modification.
12. Approved contracts for bus drivers.
13. Approved Kristy Lammers as FB cheer Coach, Carol Cole as ½ fall concessions operator, Daren Huisenga as Elementary At-Risk teacher, and Nancy Davies as an associate.
14. Held closed session in accordance with law to perform Superintendent evaluation.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Yard Sale

North Butler Community Schools will be holding a yard sale during the city wide sales in Allison on July 22nd and 23rd. This will be located behind the elementary in the old shop and in front of the portable classrooms. Many old school items including desks, chairs, IPads, and miscellaneous items will be available.

A Disappointing Morning

This morning I sit in my office and read the news about the senseless killings of 5 Dallas police officers, and I cannot help but think to myself “what is this world coming to?” It is a very sad day!

It seems to me that the leaders of our country are doing every thing that they can to split the American people along political party lines, religious belief lines, and racial lines. They want everyone to fall in line with what they believe in, and if you don’t they seem to want to force it upon us.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming all of this mess on just one group-I believe that it is all of our leaders and all of our major news outlets who do all they can to push their political ideologies. Social media helps to create and foster some of this hate and radical beliefs and behavior!

I personally believe that enough is enough!

I have friends (more like brothers) of other races and political beliefs. Does that make them less my friend? We respect each other’s beliefs, and we are able to agree to disagree, and we remain friends-kept in touch by the same social media that is being used to tear our country apart (I firmly believe that this is the intent of social media).

There are bad people of every race, and every set of political beliefs. Just because one person acts in a way that is despicable does not make everyone that belongs to that same group bad. What has happened to tolerance?

We now live in a society where I now have to think about how to best protect children at school from those who would choose to harm them-whether it be another student who is unhappy with something that has happened, or some lunatic who has decided that a school is an easy target because it is a gun free zone. I am responsible for nearly 700 of MY children on a daily basis-and yes; I consider all of our students to be my children! That is why I do what I do, to make sure that all of our children get the best education possible with the tools that we have to educate them, and keep them safe!

 Where is the personal responsibility-no one other than you is responsible for the decisions that you make in your life. An inanimate object cannot act of its own accord. We don’t blame spoons and forks for making people obese; we don’t blame cars for someone driving drunk!

We now have 5 police officers dead in Dallas, for protecting others and their First Amendment Rights. What a waste of humanity!

In my mind this is not a race issue, it is not a political issue, it is an issue with a lack of morality and lack of respect for human life. When did we stop caring for our fellow man? When did we stop teaching treat others how you want to be treated?

WE THE PEOPLE need to step up and do what is right, and teach our children right from wrong, and the value of human life! It should not be about what we can get away with, what’s in it for us, or what our society can do for us any longer. No one owes us anything. If you want it work for it, and teach our children the same lessons.

I apologize for the soapbox rant-but this is not the world that I want for any of our children!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Board Meeting 7/11/16

Mission Statement
To create a positive learning environment that promotes high achievement, responsible citizenship, and success for all.

North Butler Community Schools
Board Meeting Monday July 11, 2016, 6:30 PM
North Butler Elementary School - Media Center, Allison

1.     Call to Order
2.     Review and Approve Agenda
3.     Review and Approve Minutes from June 13, 2016
4.     Financial reports
5.     Public Items of Discussion
a.     Adam Mapes
6.     Board Items of Discussion
7.     Approve 14-15 Audit Report
8.     Action on ISFIS membership
9.     Action on late Open Enrollment application for 16-17
10.  Approve fees for 16-17
11.  Approve lunch prices
12.  Approve tilt skillet for HS kitchen
13.  Approve vent hood HS kitchen
14.  Approve contract with Cardno ATC
15.  Classified salary schedule
16.  Bus driver contracts
17.  Human Resources
A.    Resignations-
B.    Contracts-Fall off staff coaches, Daren Huisenga-Elem At Risk, Nancy Davies-Associate.
C.    Subs-
18.  Administrative Reports
19.  Closed Session-
20.  Board Reflections of meeting
21.  Adjournment

Next Meeting August 8, 2016, 6:30 PM NB JH/HS Media Center, Greene.

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