Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Board Meeting 5-19-15

Last evening the North Butler Board of Education met in special session.

A hearing was held on amending the 14-15 budget.
A hearing was held on the 15-16 calendar.

They then heard a fantastic presentation from several students and Mr. McAlpine in regards to a proposed Interactive Media course for 15-16.

The board then took the following actions;
Approved current bills
Approved budget amendment for 14-15
Approved 15-16 calendar
Approved Fortinet/Fortigate purchase
Approved drainage bid for Allison parking lot from Reeser Tiling-$6862.50
Approved bid from Heartland Asphalt for Allison Parking lot -$63,513.60
Approved sidewalk widening bid at Allison site Schroeder Concrete-$10,800
Approved Chromebook purchase for 5th-6th grade for 15-16, as a FY 16 purchase
Held exempt session - Where employees are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement under Chapter 20, strategy sessions of the board are exempt from the open meetings law (21.9)
Approved classified staff pay scale
Approved resignation from Jamie Osterbuhr from MS volleyball.
Held exempt session- Negotiating sessions, strategy meetings of public employers or employee organizations, mediation and the deliberative process of arbitrators shall be exempt from the provisions of Chapter 21 (the open meetings law)" (20.17.[3]).

Monday, May 18, 2015

Board Agenda 5-19-15

North Butler Community Schools
Special Board Meeting Tuesday May 19, 2015, 6:30 PM
North Butler Middle School - Media Center, Allison

1.     Call to Order
2.     Review and Approve Agenda
3.     Public Hearing on budget amendment
4.     Public hearing on Calendar for 15-16
5.     Public Items of Discussion-
6.     Board Items of Discussion
7.     Approve current bills
8.     Approve Budget Amendment
9.     Approve Calendar for 15-16
10.  Approve Fortinet purchase
11.  Approve parking lot drainage bid
12.  Discuss/Approve parking lot bid
13.  Approve Sidewalk bid
14.  Discuss/Approve Chromebook proposal
15.  Administrative reports
16.  Exempt Session- Where employees are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement under Chapter 20, strategy sessions of the board are exempt from the open meetings law (21.9)
17.  Approve Classified pay scale
18.  Human Resources
a)     Personnel recommendations
19.  Adjournment
Exempt Session- "Negotiating sessions, strategy meetings of public employers or employee organizations, mediation and the deliberative process of arbitrators shall be exempt from the provisions of Chapter 21 (the open meetings law)" (20.17.[3]).

Next Meeting Monday June 8, 2015, 6:30 PM NB High School Media Center, Greene.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Notes from Board Mtg 5-7-15

Last evening the NB Board of Education took the following actions;
1.     Approved the list of students for Graduation pending they meet all requirements
2.     Approved 28E agreement with Clarksville to share a teacher/librarian
3.     Tabled bids on the parking lot at Allison
4.     Approved resignations of Ross Hawker from MS volleyball, Mike Lammers from MS Basketball, and Dee Bacheldor from her position as Paraprofessional
5.     Approved hiring of Pat Bouillon as Transportation Director; Kirk Clark, Kevin Clipperton, and Jordan Vanderloop as summer mowing help; Robin Jacobs as summer lunch program assistant, and Dienna Schaefer as sub for summer lunch program

6.     Approved Ross Hawker as Volunteer assistant for HS Volleyball; Aren Souhrada as volunteer for summer band lessons

Thursday, May 7, 2015

More Questions from Community Members

Questions from the Community:

1)    What are the duties of the SIAC committee?
a.       the board shall appoint and charge a school improvement advisory committee to make recommendations to the board. Based on the committee members' analysis of the needs assessment data, they shall make recommendations to the board about the following components: 1. Major educational needs; 2. Student learning goals; 3. Long-range goals that include, but are not limited to, the state indicators that address reading, mathematics, and science achievement; and 4. Harassment or bullying prevention goals, programs, training, and other initiatives.
Please note that the answer to question 1, and 2, a, come directly from IA code
2)    How did members get appointed to the SIAC committee?
a.      The board shall appoint and charge a school improvement advisory committee to make recommendations to the board
b.     Generally, community and staff members are asked to participate. The SIAC at NB was established with the current members prior to my arrival.

3)    Where are the reports/minutes from the SIAC committee?
a. Available upon request from the School Improvement Coordinator
4)    Why are we in such a rush to close Greene Elementary School and discard the Building and Grounds?
a.      It is an asset that will not be needed by the district. If there is another use for it, it would be foolish for us to continue to maintain/own it.
b.     There is no rush, we are working to find the best way to ensure that the building does not become a burden to the school district or the city of Greene.

5)    We are now set to be at least $100,000 or more in the Black with the General Fund. It took less than ONE year to make up a $214,000 loss without closing the Greene Elementary Building. What other financial issues does North Butler have?
a.      None that I am aware of at this time.
b.     A school district should always work to maintain a minimum of 10%-15% of the budget as a positive unspent balance. For North Butler that is about $700,000 to just over $1,000,000.
c.      This assists in ensuring that we do not have to borrow money to meet July and August payroll (as we have the past several years and will still need to do this year), and that we maintain operating revenue in case of a loss of revenue due to loss of enrollment or state funding.
6)    What special needs facilities are necessary to provide quality education to those that require more attention?
a.      I do not believe that we need any facilities other than what we already have.
b.     We are looking at adding a handicap accessible playground at the Allison site, as this is something that we do not really have at any current site.
7)    How many classrooms do we need to properly educate all North Butler students? Please include specialty areas (speech, title 1, etc….)
a.      As always, this will depend upon enrollment and the number of sections that we need at each grade level/subject area.
b.     Specialty Areas will depend upon the number of students served in those programs.
8)    How many classrooms are there per building?
a.      We have more than enough space to educate the children of the North Butler community schools.
b.     The Allison site has 25 full size classrooms, 3 other areas that could be used as full size classrooms serving other purposes at the present time, and various other smaller spaces that can be used for specialty programs working with smaller groups or individual students. There will be open space in the Allison building and teachers in full size classrooms who could get by in a smaller space if need be.
9)    What is “ideal” average class size for North Butler Elementary students?
a.      I believe that ideal size for elementary classes depends upon the grade level.
b.     Lower elementary my personal preference would be to maintain class sizes under 25, but that can also vary depending upon the needs of classes.
c.      Upper elementary I believe can be maintained best with class sizes of 25-30.
10)What is the building maintenance and improvement plan for the future?
a.      Building maintenance is an ongoing item.
b.     Building improvement depends upon the needs of the facilities and of the district as a whole.
11)Are there any plans to inspect the current conditions of the North Butler facilities?
a.      We are constantly inspecting facilities and working to ensure that we keep everything in good condition.
b.     Facilities upkeep is not a one time thing- it is ongoing. We are constantly reviewing items, repairing things that need to be fixed, and looking at what our next projects are.
12)Are there plans to expand the library?
a.      Mrs. Junker is continuously reviewing materials for the library.
b.     When appropriate she makes purchases to improve the items available.
c.      We have access to many more books/items through the AEA.
13)Have you considered the hallway size and handicap accessibility?
a.      We have had people from the AEA who specialize in handicap accessibility visit the building to make suggestions.
b.     They stated that our buildings will more than meet the needs of our students.
c.      We will always review our needs based upon the needs of our students.
14)With increased enrollment projected, are there any building expansion plans?
a.      As of now, enrollment for the immediate future is questionable. Our enrollment is always in flux.
b.     It appears at this time that we will be close to stable or possibly down for next year. We are experiencing some transiency with our population at the current time.
15)Are transportation plans in the works? What are they?
a.      We have been discussing transportation plans for several months, however they still need to be finalized.
b.     After our new transportation director begins work, we will work to finalize the preliminary routes for the fall, however with changes in enrollment and residences there is always a possibility of change in them when school starts in August.
16)Where are/will be bus stops located?
a.      This will be released when we are ready to finalize this plan. We are working to ensure that we minimize bus time for all students.
b.     At this time it appears that there will be very little differentiation from where they have been in the past, but again this depends upon where our students are.
17)Will para’s be on the bus?
a.      Paras will not be on a bus.
b.     All of our new busses have 4 cameras with microphones. They are located front, back, and two midship located on opposite sides of the bus so that if there is an issue we can pull the footage and review it.
18)Will start times allow adequate time for young kids to get breakfast? Yes
19)Why are high School Awards nights being hosted at the Middle School?
a. It is a district facility that works well for such activities.
20)Where will school sports be played? Practices are held where?
a.      For the most part sports will continue to be played where they have been played in the past.
b.     We will continue to make the best use of all district facilities.
21)How are you planning to repay the $44,000 from the nutrition fund to the general fund?
a.      When funds allow, this will be done at the end of the fiscal year. I am not anticipating this to all be made up in one year.
b.     We will continue to monitor the cost of the nutrition program so that our fees are adequate to cover the expenses.
22)Where are the results from the survey for the school lunch program?
a.      The school lunch program follows the directives from the USDA. We will not be conducting a survey, as any information gathered would have very little accuracy.
b.     We can take a lunch count in the morning and by lunch time the numbers can change significantly.
23)What is the menu for the summer lunch program?
a.      Please remember that the summer lunch program is a service to our children.
b.     Kim Marshall is working on the menus and they will be posted to the nutrition website when she is prepared to do so.
c.      As of now the summer lunch program is only scheduled to run for the month of June-if it is successful and there is demand we will extend that into/through July.
d.     Anyone age 18 or under can participate in the summer lunch program for free, they do not need to be a resident of the North Butler district.
e.      There will be a fee of $3.60 for those 19 and older.
f.       It is open to daycares, bible school groups, and anyone else who would like to use the program.

24)Why is food for the summer lunch program already purchased?
a.      There are certain items that we can only purchase at certain times of the year.
b.     In order to get items in time for the program to begin, things had to be ordered.
25)Who does the accounting for the concession stand?
a. All accounting is done in the business office.
26)Is there any plan to review School Board Policies?
a.      All school board policies are required to be reviewed in a 5 year period.
b.     This is in statute and is a portion of the accreditation process that we go through with our site visits.
27)Would you be willing to add an attendance policy requiring attendance of a certain level?
a.      Being a board member is a voluntary position.
b.     All of our board members have children who are involved in activities, and their families come first, as they should. We attempt to schedule around these activities if we can, but sometimes it is unavoidable.
c.      All of our board members have jobs other than being on the board that may take them away from time to time.
28)Are there plans to equalize the school tax rates in both communities?
a.      We will monitor the tax rates, and if it makes sense to the district we can consider that.