Thursday, February 26, 2015

Summer Lunch Program

We are very excited to be able to bring the summer lunch program to North Butler Community Schools. The summer lunch program will allow anyone up to the age of 18 to come in and have a free lunch, and the lunch must be eaten on site. All expenses from the program will be covered from the proceeds that we receive from government reimbursements. 

Currently, we only qualify with the state to bring this program to the High School site in Greene, but are attempting to expand the program to Allison. We were able to qualify for the program at the Greene site due to a geographic area that included a number of children living at or below the federal poverty level. According the Iowa Department of Education; 
Open sites operate in low-income areas where half or more of the children are from households with income at or below 185% of the Federal poverty guidelines. Meals are provided at no charge to any child at the open site.

In order to qualify for the program in Allison, we would need to have the same type of geographic area, or a subgroup of students that meet the requirement. We currently do not meet that standard. Qualifying for these programs is dependent on the percentage of youth in a given area or subgroup that qualify for the free/reduced lunch program.

This is one of the reasons that we encourage families to fill out the application for free/reduced price lunches. There are several other programs that would greatly benefit our schools and communities, but the schools must qualify through numbers of children eligible for the free/reduced program. 

One of the most notable programs allows for all school children within the building to qualify for free lunches if the percentage of those who qualify for the free reduced program meets the criteria. We do not currently qualify for that program at any site. The school would benefit from these programs, as we get reimbursements through the federal government for meals that are served under these programs. 

We would encourage all families to fill out the application, whether you believe that you would qualify for the free/reduced program or not. We will continue to attempt to qualify at the Allison site, but we will need the assistance of our Allison families. There is a free/reduced lunch application available on the North Butler nutrition website. Please feel free to fill that out and return it to the business office.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Update 2-24-15

This has been a difficult school year for most anyone involved with North Butler Schools. It was shocking when we found out in September that the district had overspent its authority for the second consecutive year.

At that time we began examining the issues in an attempt to find out what had caused the issue, and how to best ensure that they were not repeated in the future. We also made changes to our programming to ensure that our expenses in the future would be less than the revenue that is generated on a yearly basis.

Through the month of December we had been working with the budget that had been left for us, as those numbers are what we had used to fill out our original SBRC application. After the SBRC meeting in January, there were some discrepancies in the documents that we submitted. With some of the discrepancies that were in our first submission, and prior to filling out the new documentation that the SBRC was asking us to submit prior to February 20th for the April 8th meeting, we completely went through and reworked the line item budget for FY 15.

After we found out that we had a negative unspent balance in September, we made adjustments to our expenditures and staffing levels for this year. When that is combined with re-estimating the line item budget and our total expenditures we now believe that we will end FY 15 with an unspent balance of about $114,000. But we also have to keep in mind that this number can change, as we have unexpected expenses arise, or if we have a decrease in our expected miscellaneous income.

With this information and the other items that we have addressed as we prepare to build our budget for FY 16, I believe that we will move towards a stable and vibrant future for North Butler Community Schools, and that the SBRC will approve our application for Supplemental growth.

There seems to have been a lot of misinformation disseminated about mold in the district buildings. At no point since I have been at North Butler Community Schools has there been a leak in the roof of the Allison building, or buckets sitting around to catch water. I have no idea where this information came from. There is not, and has not been mold in the Allison building at any time during my tenure or prior to my arrival that I have been made aware of. The only mold issue that has been addressed since I have been here has been in the Greene elementary building, and that has been taken care of.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Board Notes 2-12-15

Good morning!
Last evening the North Butler Board of Education took the following actionsn;

1. Approved weeding (disposal) of library materials in accordance with plan provided by Mrs. Junker.
3. Approved heater repair in classroom at Allison elementary.
4. Approved providing Summer Lunch Program at the HS site in Greene-More information on this will be coming.
5. Approved Spanish Club trip to Puerto Rico.
6. Approved Early Retirements from Pam Jacobson, Michelle Juhl, and Jeff Mouw. We would like to thank them for their many years of service to the North Butler students and communities!
7. Approved resignations of Susan Shier from Asst. Business manager and Travis Miller from Asst. FB coach.
8. Approved contracts for;
a. Travis Miller-Head FB Coach
b. Jeff Stirling-Head HS Softball Coach
c. Megan Nuendorf-Asst. HS Softball Coach
d. Joe Miller-Asst. HS Baseball Coach
e. Dustin Osier-JH Baseball Coach (handled through Booster Club and Little Bearcats)
f. Jordan Vanderloop-Asst. HS Track Coach
g. Katie Wedeking-Substitute Teacher
h. Gene Chinander-Drivers Ed Instructor
9. Next Board meeting will be Monday March 9, 2015, at the North Butler MS media center in Allison.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tentative Agenda-North Butler Board of Education Meeting Thursday February 12, 2015

North Butler Community Schools
Monthly Board Meeting February 12, 2015
North Butler High School - Media Center, Greene 6:30 PM
Tentative Agenda
1.     Call to Order
2.     Review and Approve Agenda
3.     Review and approve minutes from 12/8/2014 meeting.
4.     Financial Reports
5.     Public Items of Discussion
6.     Board Items of Discussion
a.     Summer Food Service Program
b.     Discuss calendar for 15-16
c.     Discuss summer projects
7.     Accept NBEA first proposal in regards to negotiations for 15-16
8.     Disposal of Library materials
9.     Approve revision of policy 803.2
10.  Human Resources
a)     Approve early retirements
b)     Personnel recommendations
11.  Administrative reports
12.  Adjournment
13.  Exempt Session-Where employees are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement under Chapter 20, strategy sessions of the board are exempt from the open meetings law (21.9)